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Teaching piano has always been one of my many passions - I especially love to bring music to others' lives and to help them playing piano on their own. With ten years of teaching experience, I have taught piano lessons and classes for a wide variety of ages and levels for both music and non-music majors - older adults (includes beginners), college students (from doctoral to undergraduate), young beginners. Currently, I remain faculty at Ohio University School of Music after teaching in the secondary piano department at Cincinnati-Conservatory of Music and Eastman School of Music. I have joined on jury for international level piano competitions and in United States and in Asia. Many of my students have participated in MTNA events, local festivals, and school recitals.

                                                   Performances My Students Have Participated In

                               Cincinnati Keyboard Club Concert                                                                                   May 16, 2021

                                 Virtual, Cincinnati OH

                               MTNA CCM Chapter - Women Composer Concert                                                      May 7, 2021

                                 Virtual, Cincinnati OH


                               MTNA CCM Chapter – Student Showcase Recital                                                    March 7, 2019

                                 Church of Our Savior, Cincinnati OH


                               Class Piano Recital                                                                                                                     April 3, 2017

                                 5209 CCM, Cincinnati OH


With seventeen years of collaborative experience, I have collaborated with numerous variety of instrumentalists (strings, keyboards, woodwinds, brass, percussion), vocalists (classical voice, musical theater, and choir), and dancers; and performed as keyboardist in Chautauqua Festival Symphony Orchestra. Currently, I am also a collaborative artist in residence at Ohio University School of Music. The students I collaborated together with have won the New Albany Symphony Orchestra concerto competition and the OU concerto competition (includes honorable mentions). 

From CCM Piano Lesson

“Ms. Sun is particularly thorough and listens to the student's concerns regarding technique and musicality. She is a joy to work with and is very professional and thoughtful. She is just fantastic. She is clear and understanding. Can't wait to take lessons in the Spring. She is very good at identifying technique problems and fixing them.”
From CCM 1050 Functional Skill Class
"Ms. Sun shows a true passion for teaching and makes sure her students grow to their fullest potential. She honestly cared about all of us, in class and as people."

From CCM 1040 Functional Skill Class

“Ms. Sun's attitude is amazing everyday, she is always so happy to see us, and that positivity is infectious."
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